Measuring Your KPIs With Wisdom

Database Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the key metrics that can guide your business towards operational success. Unlock the power of your database ecosystem with these KPIs and let WISdom guide you along the journey where efficiency and health converge.


Scale to thousands of SQL Server instances with quick response times and up to 90 days of detailed data retention

Measure the Health, Efficiency and Performance – Industry first enterprise KPIs for SQL Server on Performance, Efficiency, Capacity and Resource Health

Secure your SQL Server – Configure your SQL Server security then audit and manage your security with confidence

Troubleshoot Issues Faster – A top down approach combined with machine learning enables you to identify issues quickly


Measuring database performance is key to ensuring your business users are happy. Get your overall database performance measurement in a single health score so you can focus on what systems need to be optimized and which ones are performing adequately.


Efficiency of code will become more important as applications and systems migrate to the cloud. WISdom provides an efficiency score for code which allows developers to know if the code can be optimized more. It allows the DBAs to review the code efficiency before migrating it to production and potentially reject the code before there are issues.


Measuring the capacity of servers in the past has only been focused on the server but it is crucial that the health of SQL Server and other 3rd party applications be considered. WISdom’s capacity scores allow users to see the ideal capacity of Windows servers but also SQL Servers so you know you will not impact the workload if you downsize the CPU or memory.


Determining the health of CPU, memory, disk and SQL Server is complex and changes by the day or hour. WISdom’s resource health KPI provides real-time health scores for these counters and allows users to plan when they can execute processes with a lower amount of resource pressure.

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