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Since 2002, Ben DeBow, has traveled the world consulting on high risk, highly transactional and complex database implementations.

Having designed many of the initial, large private clouds for financial and insurance institutions, he discovered the need for a database solution that could provide answers to questions for both the senior management but also the DBAs in the trench supporting the platform. Most tools available at the time were built for technical teams, namely the DBAs and did not provide the necessary insights for executive and non-technical teams and often had limits on supporting large environments over 500 instances. Over time, different tools have emerged in the marketplace, but as the data and technology continued to grow, organizations still struggled to solve their problems in a timely and efficient manner even with all the additional tools and data.

In February 2020, Fortified WISdom™ was created to fill the gap by focusing on providing KPIs to measure and answers to solve the issues. Fortified Data began using the tool to provide troubleshooting capabilities and workload analytics to their managed services clients which allowed Fortified Data to showcase impact of the service.

In the fall of 2022, WISdom was launched at the SQL Pass conference to provide organizations with a comprehensive database monitoring, management and workload analytics service that empowers all teams to determine the actions that need to be implemented today which will make the biggest difference tomorrow.


At Fortified Insight, we believe that effective leadership is the cornerstone of success in the ever-evolving landscape of business, technology, and innovation. Our leadership team is comprised of exceptional individuals who bring together a wealth of experience, diverse perspectives, and a shared passion for driving transformative change. With their visionary guidance, Fortified’s leadership has not only propelled Fortified Insight to new heights of success but provided the Fortified team with the direction essential to our continued success.

Together, this exceptional leadership team forms the backbone of Fortified Insight, inspiring our employees, guiding our strategy, and propelling our success. With their combined expertise and unwavering dedication, Fortified Insight is poised to revolutionize the business landscape and empower organizations to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Ben DeBow

Founder and CEO

Chad Timms


Mark Abrahm


Adi Cohen

Solution Architect

Holt Hopkins

Solution Architect

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