Referral / Partner Program

Our partner program is designed to help grow your business while offering your clients the best-in-class workload intelligence solution. By joining our program, you will gain access to a suites of resources and tools that will enable you to successfully promote Fortified WISdom™ and earn referral commissions for every new customer you refer.

Who can partner with Fortified Insight?


The Fortified Insight Referral Program positions you as a trusted advisor to your clients by providing you with the ability to showcase a monitoring, management and workload analytics tool that will give them the ability to unlock the power of their data.

Our Solutions Go Beyond Data Efficiency

With Fortified Insight creating, optimizing, and delivering solutions that are new to the market, our solutions go beyond data efficiency and dive deep into data analytics, health metrics, and more from a top-down view of customer databases, making our solutions highly sought after.

Added Value for Your Existing Customers

Provide your existing customers with solutions to help improve your customer’s data efficiency through a monitoring, management and workload intelligent tool that includes first-to-market technology.

Premium Support from Our Team

When becoming a referral partner with Fortified Insight, you’ll be provided with tips and advice on how to succeed with marketing the solutions. We take the guess work out of the program, so that you can focus on building trust with your customers.


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